Wasoukan’s commitment to your privacy

At Wasoukan, Omotenashi (means “hospitality” to customers) and customers’ trust is supreme and everything for our business. Because they are our utmost services to our respectable customers, we respect your privacy and protect it with strong encryption, plus strict policies that govern how all data is handled with our traditional “Wa no Kokoro = harmonious Japanese Sprit”.

Security and privacy are fundamental and the most important thresholds for our business to have the arrangements and contacts of our services to the customers, including our basic pay at the shop and other website online shopping in United Kingdom and other countries.

We are the fast growing retail shops for Kimono and its accessories in Japan and other countries, we encourage all our customers to use and protects all of the data you store and keep up to date with our shopping online and at the shop.

We believe in telling you up front exactly what’s going to happen to your personal information, and asking for your permission before you share it with us. And if you change your mind later, we make it easy to stop sharing with us. Every Wasoukan product is designed around those principles. When we do ask to use your data, it’s to provide you with a better user experience.

Wasoukan with the fast growing for the business constantly improve our Privacy Policies every once a year to meet the customers’ requirements and social progress in the Privacy Information.

Our business model is very straightforward: we sell great delicate products from Japan. With the delicate products, we handle your privacy information as they are the customers themselves.

We don’t ‘monetise’ your private information and keep those information as our important information at our Headquarters in Japan. In order to protect

your private information, we improve constantly our software and PC to rationally compete with the impeders of the private information, if there is any.

Our commitment to protecting your privacy comes from a deep respect for our customers. We know that your trust doesn’t come easy with our “Wa no Kokoro”. That’s why we have and always will work as hard as we can to earn and keep it.

Noriyuki Ikeda

CEO, Wasoukan Europe Ltd

Privecy policy on our online shop

1. Definition of Personal Information
The term ‘personal information’ shall mean information about a living individual which can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth or other description contained in such information (including such information as will allow easy reference to other information and will thereby enable the identification of the specific individual).

2. Collecting Personal Information
We may collect information of customers in the event that they purchase our products or that they contact us for inquiries.
For collecting such information we will clearly state in writing the purpose of use, and will engage in such action in a legal and honest manner.

We collect the following personal information from you:

c)Telephone number
d)E-mail address
f)Shipping destination information
g)Shopping record with us and details
h) Information that, when combined with above-mentioned items,
will eneble us to identify the specific individual.

3.Using Personal Information
We collect personal information from our customers for the following purposes:

a)Order confirmation and reference
b)Shipping confirmation and reference
c)Replying inquiries

We never disclose personal information to any third party wihtout your consent except the following cases:

a)Cases in which the handling of personal information is based on laws and regulations, and which the handling of personal information is necessary for cooperating with a state organ, a local government, or an individual or a business operator entrusted by either of the former two in executing the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations
b)Cases in which the handling of personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, body, or property of an individual and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
c)Cases in which the personal information is exchanged and shared among affiliates of the company which runs the Shop.

4.Security Control Measures for Personal Information
Personal information collected from customers shall be securely managed by the Service Provider under reasonable, organizational, physical, personal and technical measures, and the Shop shall handle the information in such a manner that complies with related laws and regulations in an endeavor to prevent risks such as illegal intrusion, loss, falsification or leakage.

5.Correction and Deletion of Personal Information
If you need to correct or delete your personal information, please write us from the e-mail address below.
If you are a registered member of this site, you can edit the information under ‘My Account’ of this website.

6.Use of cookie files
We may use cookie files to enhance the use of our Web site.Cookie files do not contain information that can be used to identify you, and therefore your privacy will not be invaded.
If you choose so, you can modify the settings of your Web browser to determine if and how a cookie will be accepted.
*A ‘cookie’ is a small text file placed on your computer’s har’ drive by our Web page server.

7.Use of SSL
For entering information, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to secure personal information and to prevent the data from being intercepted or falsified.
*SSL is a protocol that encripts data and protects it from wiretapping and falsification. Using SSL you can send information much safer.

8.Contact Information
Company Name: Wasoukan Co.,Ltd.
Address: 460, Minamigakuma, Tottori city, Tottori 680-0903
Mail: wasoukan@gmail.com

9.Changes to Privacy Policies
When it is deemed necessary, we may make changes to the Personal Information, Purpose of its Use or Privacy Policies sections of this webpage without prior notice and consider it to be an official announcement to you.