San’in to World


Wasoukan: From Japan’s San’in Region to the World

San’in is the region shown facing the Sea of Japan.The San’in region is one rich in history and the scene of a number of ancient legends. Many of the legendary deities are said to have descended to this land and made their kingdoms here.
Because October is said to be the month when all the gods of Japan gather in one place for their annual conference, most of the country calls the tenth month of the year Kannazuki, meaning ‘the month of no gods’. In the town of Izumo in San’in, however, the same month is called Kamiarizuki, or ‘the month when the gods are here’ because Izumo is the where their conference is held.

Thus, even today, Izumo and the San’in region itself are imbued with legend.

At Wasoukan, in the heart of this land where Japan began, we aim to bring Wa no Kokoro, the Spirit of Harmony, to the world.